Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3D Violet Lamborghini Cake Singapore, Ferrari theme 3D real life cake Singapore, Best Sport Car Bespoke cake Singapore

YES , you guess it correctly , 

but to brag a little of the cakes we did 

in fact there is a lot to brag about these 2 babes . 
technically speaking , it is so difficult to made !!

the car is small in size only max 30 cm per car , as it is a car , meaning it is a cake inside and carved to dimension and scale 
than we started to add the skin , then the details ( all to scale to actual car in 3d ) 
we need to do it continuously to keep the cake finished and deliverable conditions ( 6 hrs per cake ) 

and if you are sharp artist , you wil spot that this Lamborghini door is open !

yes , this was the request , it is so hard.......support of the door and drying and add plastic window and adding the cushion and see the finest detail of the car spoiler for both 

i dare say this is one of the best job in Singapore for these cakes in Ferrari and Lamborghini in full blown specification and details 

the other point worth mentioned , regardless the scale , the smaller the cake the harder the details 
the shape and proportion , i think we did a fantastic job to bring the curved of both cakes to it reputation . 

well done 



Sunday, November 19, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

Yellow Melissa Giraffe Cake Singapore / 1st birthday cake Singapore Animal cake Singapore

This cake is exceptional with handcrafted figurine and the side wall all hand crafted by our specialist . 

Giraffe Birthday Cake for Melissa. Cute cartoon like giraffes for a cute girl 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Magical 3D Merlin Cake Singapore , Dragons and castle, Knights, princess, magic and warriors theme 3d Cake

This is an exceptional design cake 

fine artwork 
and deeply characterize 

it is based on latest trend of Merlin series 

we put all details to make this cake comes alive 

Customized Merlin Cake! Spend your magical birthday with the Merlin characters by Sensational Cakes! 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Floral Cream Series (Cream Art)

Introducing our newest collection – Floral Cream Series (Cream Art). 

This is Cake Inspiration’s take on the Korean and Russian piping.

Cake Inspiration have been doing gourmet cakes for quite some time now and have mastered the basic and other techniques in the essentials of baking. From making the base to the piping, to perfecting the freshness and the effect of a single flower to a person’s eyes. 

Inspired by the elegance of Asian and Russian piping and coordinating it with the elegance from the European style, we made a collection using these 2 main purpose in mind – Class and Modern. It’s the details on a traditional technique with the touch of simplicity of the modern way gives a good contrast.

Korean piping and Russian piping comes in different techniques. Russian piping has its nozzle designed so it’s a modern take on piping while Korean piping has its own classic technique on how you make the flower. The sponge cake is made with the main ingredients plus one secret ingredient: LOVE. Combining everything, giving you that perfect mix of the modern and traditional practice producing an elegant creation. 

A collection that we’d love to have as a staple in the menu, price range of the Cream Collection is not at all that different with the ones that we already have. We would like everyone to appreciate the beauty and richness of a sweet treat without sacrificing if it would be worth it. Every sweet treat is worth it after all!


Ordering is easy, we can customize the design and any other added special requests. Order now and make that someone special feel loved! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Executive Chef Inspired Custom Figurines characterizes cake Singapore . Custom figurines cake sinagpore . Best Customization cake Singapore

look at all the details , this will definitely makes the chef very happy on his birthday . 

a POT a Heater , ingredients for the stew

a chef in the making ... 

the cake itself is design like the uniform 

and u got to see the real person i would say 90 % alike ?

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